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Price and Delivery
United Kingdom
Taking orders for 2020/21 season
Taking orders for 2021, with final confirmation and payment due September 2020
FrogBox Kit
$2,000 (RRP $2,400)
£960 (RRP £1,300)
Streaming Pass - 12mth
$500 (RRP $600)
£200 (RRP £325)
Expected Delivery
November 2020
March 2021

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What's in your order
Streaming Kit
An all inclusive camera and kit to allow you to capture great quality match video and stream live
  • Great quality Panasonic camcorder
  • 4.5m mast for elevated capture
  • Remote pan & tilt head
  • Automated video encoder with 4G
  • 7inch viewer
  • Rechargable battery for up to 20hrs capture
  • Secure carry case, cables, mast bags etc
Streaming Pass
A 12 month access to FrogBox Video Management and Live Graphics.
  • Live streaming of all matches
  • Automated on screen graphics
  • Automated match highlights
  • Club logo or watermark
  • Integration with scoring apps
  • Premium Match Card (coming soon)
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UK Clubs: Please note our UK streaming program is currently in a pilot with ECB, and you cannot place any orders for the current season. Please submit the form to order for 2021, and we’ll confirm your purchase in September upon successful completion of the pilot.

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